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Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB Silver


The smartphone that everybody talks about. Apple launches its product star, an iPhone of great size that the eyes cannot be removed. He iPhone 7 Plus is an evolution on its predecessors in every aspect: performance, autonomy. But not only improves the features, but it includes completely new features. A new system of cameras, resistance to water and iOS 10.

The design emphasizes the new capacitive button, which replaces the traditional. It functions as a trackpad, with different levels of pressure to improve its sensitivity. It also provides you the maximum security in the form of a fingerprint reader. As you know, the iPhone 7 Plus is resistant to water and dustproof, IP67 certified.

iPhone 7 Plus: two cameras for the price of one
The older brother of 7 iPhone comes with two cameras in the back. Both are 12-Megapixel, but one of them is wide angle for nearby photos and the other has a Zoom lens that provides quality zoom. You can take photos from a distance without losing sharpness, with up to 10 x magnification in photos and video of six. To that must be added the incredible improvement in the depth of field, that allows focus on the foreground and leave the background blur.

For everything else, great angular 12 megapixel camera incorporates a flash with four smart LEDS and an optical image stabilization. The opening of f/1.8 is designed to take sharp pictures in low light. In fact, let spend 50% more light than the iPhone 6s.

If you are passionate about the selfies, with FaceTime HD 7 megapixel camera you'll enjoy. The increased resolution and the chromatic range will make you forget about filters. With the new phone from Apple it is impossible to take a bad picture!

All these features of the iPhone 7 Plus also apply to the video recording. You can shoot in 4 K, or opt for spectacular slow motion in high definitionmode. Better you set aside time in your agenda, because you're going to share photos and videos from the iPhone more than ever.

Apple offers the HD Retina display brighter and with more colors to date. There is no better way to appreciate the quality of your multimedia content. In addition, 3D Touch function optimizes touch gestures of the iPhone 7, opening yourself to new ways to interact with your emails and applications.

A sound of scandal
This is the first iPhone with two stereo speakers. The result is breathtaking: twice the power than the iPhone 6s. The songs and the videos will sound more and better, let alone clarity of calls with hands free. That if not prefer to enjoy your EarPods, the new headphones with Apple cable. What cables are a roll? Then get the wireless AirPods avant-garde.

Faster and more powerful
Chip melting A10 doubles the performance of the iPhone 6. Its architecture is adjusted to your needs, accelerating when you need more power and reducing the revolutions for simpler tasks. It has four cores, two high-performance and two high-efficiency. This setting improves the battery consumption in two extra hours on the previous generation.

7 Plus iPhone comes with iOS 10 natively. The new operating system from Apple allows you to prioritize downloads, remove the pre-installed applications or adjust the intensity of the Lantern, including many new features.

Finally, the download speed is another of the strong points of this smartphone. This terminal 4 G reaches 450 Mb/s, 50% faster than on the iPhone 6s and three times that on the iPhone 6.

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